The Show Must Go On

By Zoe Klein

My documentary “The Show Must Go On” dives into the challenges faced by the UW-Madison fine arts community as they grapple with the effects of the pandemic on face-to-face instruction. I speak to students from the performing arts community, the orchestral community, band director Corey Pompey, music professors and more. This documentary illustrates the unique ways that these artists and performers have persevered through social distancing, Zoom classes and isolation. The show must go on, COVID-19 or not.

Character Highlight

Meet the Filmmaker

My name is Zoe Klein, and I am a junior at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I’m originally from the D.C. area; Reston, Virginia to be exact. I am studying journalism, with a double-track in reporting and strategic communications and am completing certificates in graphic design and digital studies. Outside of my studies, I write for the Daily Cardinal, I co-host a radio show and I’m a big sports fan.