Turning Point

By Yeony Sim

My final project is about the story of a man wandering around, trying to find his identity and designing the next stage of his life. Over the last 5 years after graduating high school, he became tired of his parent’s excessive enthusiasm for the Korean education system and how it forced curriculum that does not respect students’ creativity and individuality. Hope everyone enjoys it!

Teaser Trailer

Behind the Scenes

Meet the Filmmaker

Hi, my name is Yeony Sim, a senior studying communication arts and journalism, expected to graduate this May. I’m from South Korea and am currently taking my last semester in Korea due to the COVID-19 pandemic. My plan after graduation is to go to graduate school this September to research robot journalism, social computing and data visualization. By taking the J456 class, I’ve had a great opportunity to make videos and learn about visual and auditory elements with design tools.