Build Up

By Emma Axelrod

Build Up is about the Hub II development project conflict that took place on Langdon Street from 2019-2021. This off-campus street is home to economically diverse locals and students, all of whom reside in either historic housing or luxury apartments. As a result of such population and architectural variation, this street has suffered painful division on how and what should be built there. This documentary seeks to amplify some of the core perspectives of the Langdon housing debate and shed light on how historic preservation, affordable housing, and gentrification are interrelated.

Meet the Filmmaker

My name is Emma Axelrod, and I’m a junior from Golden, Colorado. Outside of class I’m an outdoor enthusiast, adventurous foodie and movie fanatic. I enjoy hikes with my dog and family as well as finding new hole-in-the-wall restaurants to try. As for movies, I can’t possibly narrow down a favorite. Within the academic world, I have situated myself in coursework and student organization that involves some degree of change-making. As a journalism and political science double major, I have enjoyed exploring how politics and the entertainment/communication industries coexist. My career interests lie at the intersection of social justice and film, so this course is my first taste of production experience.

Behind the Scenes

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