By Keagan Schlosser

The occult—everyone has an opinion on it. Whether you’re a firm believer, ardent denier or someone in between, psychics are captivating. They investigate the unknown and help clarify it for us. My documentary focuses on a Madison psychic, Tina Lupiezowiec, and her experience in the spiritual community. She’s not trying to prove anything to anyone; rather, she invites people to open their minds to the uplifting powers psychics provide. While Tina recognizes there are “bad” or manipulative psychics, she aims to heal her clients, finding their truest potential. It’s not all crystal balls and visions—join the journey of connecting with others and get ready to be “Psyched.”

Character Highlight

Meet the Filmmaker

Howdy! I’m Keagan, and I’m a junior studying journalism. I am the Banter Editor at The Badger Herald, where I write silly things for silly people. I also produce The Badger Herald Podcast and am an avid podcast listener (let me know your recommendations!). My dream job is to be famous, but I foresee myself in audio or video production after school.