By Kim Leadholm

Stress: what is it? Everyone experiences stress, but many don’t understand the effects it can have on a person’s body. I spoke to Juliana Bennett, a student at UW-Madison, about her experiences with stress in her life and on this campus. Juliana takes us through some of the reasons she experiences stress in her life and specifically on the UW campus. I hope you enjoy!

Character Highlight

Juliana Bennett knows how to stay busy. She is not only a full-time undergraduate student double majoring in finance and political science at UW-Madison but also one of the founders of UW’s BIPOC Coalition and just won the elections for Madison’s District8 Alder. This makes Bennett Madison’s first Black District 8 Alder! Watch “Stress(ed)” to learn even more about her.

Photo by Shruti Bhargava

Behind the Scenes

Meet the Filmmaker

Hi! I’m Kim Leadholm, a junior majoring in journalism and political science. I am unsure of the specific job I would like in the future, but really enjoy working with video! When I am not doing schoolwork, I love spending time with my dogs, reading a book or hanging out with my friends.