Inner Diva

By Elise O’Brien

“Inner Diva” steps into the drag culture of the Midwest and explores what it really means to do drag. Beyond the glamour of televised competitions and performances, drag has provided a space for artists to curate fashion, master makeup and express themselves without the limitations of identity that is imposed on the rest of society. This piece explores the challenges and triumphs of local drag artists and the impact those experiences have had on them.

Follow the Performers

Amethyst Von Trollenberg


Amethyst Von Trollenberg is a local performer born and raised in Madison. Amethyst performs in drag and is an active member of the burlesque community. Amethyst started drag with drag sister, Anya Knees, and continues to perform with her in shows like Fabu at Five Nightclub.

Anya Knees

“Everyone’s Favorite Bougie cousin on ya daddy’s side”

Anya Knees is a drag queen who has been performing in the Madison area for close to four years, hosting shows at Five Nightclub and This Is It in Milwaukee. Anya holds the title Miss Hamburger Mary’s Milwaukee 2019 and also stars in a podcast called “Ungodly Gossip” with Rachel Slurrz.

Persephone B. Diamond

“Glam Cholita”

Persephone B. Diamond is a Madison queen from Mexico City. Persephone grew up dancing Mexican Folklorico and now also pursues that love of performing through drag. Persephone is a pageant queen, formerly holding titles like Miss Gay Latina Madison, Miss Gay Latina Kenosha, Miss Primavera Chicago and Miss Club Wisconsin.

Becky Essence Hall

“Milwaukee’s Sweetheart & Up and Coming Superstar!”

Becky Essence Hall, also known as Becky with the split ends, is a queen from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Becky is the drag daughter of the winner of season 12 of Rupaul’s Drag Race, Jaida Essence Hall, and is also a show director at This Is It in Milwaukee.

Lola Lue

“Dancer💃🏾 Artist 🎨 Aries♈️ “

Lola Lue is a passionate dancer with hopes to be a professional choreographer and backup dancer for big-name celebrities. Lola is a drag performer originally from Milwaukee.

Meet the Filmmaker

Hi, I’m Elise and I am a senior majoring in Journalism, specifically Strategic Communication, and Economics. I have always had a passion for visual storytelling and hope to continue with creative message development or video production after graduation. I have enjoyed the opportunity to meet with such incredible people and I am excited to share their stories in this film!