“A” is Red

By Gabrielle Bruns

“’A’ is Red” explores the phenomenon known as synesthesia and specifically how it impacts the mind of a musician. Synesthesia, in short, is sensory association: when one sense is activated, another unrelated sense is activated at the same time. This film explores the mind of Ella Wolle, a UW student and musician who discovered she had synesthesia at an early age after reading the children’s book, “A Mango Shaped Space.” The story looks at her unique perception of reality and how synesthesia influences the way she sees, hears and plays music.

Teaser Trailer

Meet the Filmmaker

Hi! My name is Gabrielle Bruns, and I am a senior studying journalism with an emphasis on strategic communication. In tandem with my love for writing, I also enjoy photography and video production. As editor-in-chief of The Dish Magazine, I love to explore new and artistic angles of the culinary industry and start conversations around sustainability and food insecurities in our community. After college, I hope to one day pursue a career in the film industry (hopefully as a screen actress or producer!) and work as a freelance food stylist.